Hello all,

I'm not the one who should "announce" this, but since nobody on the list has
even mentioned it, I think, I'll direct your attention to it.

Sun has announced at JavaOne, that they will be giving the source code of
their JSP and Servlet engines for the benefit of the Apache development

The source code will be developed further under the Apache license, which
means, that (with very few limitations) everybody can develeop it, extend
it, contribute to the source. Also, the engine developed this way can be
freely embedded into other vendor's engines (If I understsand things
correctly). Putting the JSP and servlet technologies under open source
license will ensure that we will soon see very stable, and relatively
bug-free JSP implementations.

In my reading, this means, that soon the industry leader (with more than 50%
market share), free web server will have built-in Servlet & JSP capability,
always in synch with the lates specs and APIs. Also, this means, that we
will see a rapid growth of ISPs supporting the JSP standard - they can do
this simply by installing a newer version of Apache!

The project of integrating the code form SUN into Apache is just being
started. It's called Jakarta, and You can find further information at:
http://jakarta.apache.org. I'd like to encourage any developer who has the
time and talent, to join the project.

A short abstract:
"The Jakarta Project is an Apache working group dedicated to providing a
high quality Java based Servlet and JavaServer Pages implementation for the
Apache Web Server. Apache has been the most popular web server on the
Internet since April of 1996 and is more widely used than all other web
servers combined.

The Jakarta Project was announced by the Apache developer community and Sun
Microsystems, Inc. on the 15th of June, 1999 at JavaOne. It will be composed
of members from the current Apache JServ Project, Sun, IBM, and other
corporations as well as all interested developers.

This project is currently in its formative stages. Source code for the
JavaServer Web Development Kit (which is Sun's reference implementation for
the Servlet and the Java Server Pages Specifications) will be delivered to
this project in the near future after the appropriate legal issues have been
taken care of. At that time, effort will start on merging the current Apache
Jserv Project's source code with the Sun code."

I think this news is exciting. Personally, I see the future of Java
technology on the web server side a lot brighter.


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