Warner -
  Interesting links to browse... I like this kind of information that's
already been filtered by a fellow techie. ;-)

  I think a web-based location where this kind of link+synopsis could be
captured would be a great addition to the TJUG website.

  Has anyone in TJUG meetings discussed anything like this? For example,
installing something like the following onto the tucson-jug.org website?

Moveable Type (http://www.movabletype.org/) - multi-user publishing web
log thingy 
Roller Weblogger (http://www.rollerweblogger.org/) - single-user(?) web
log thingy
Twiki (http://twiki.org/) - multi-user publishing system

If this is of interest to other folks, and the group decides to do this
or just try it out, I'll gladly volunteer to help with installation. 


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