On Tuesday, October 29, 2002, at 11:45 AM, Tim Colson wrote:

In short all of these would be good to put on the site.
:-) I don't believe I've ever gotten positive feedback so quickly.

Currently I'm hosting it on my personal server (a g3 laptop running OS
I prefer java solutions (I don't like downloading tons of perl files
just run one program, but that's probably just my aversion to perl

Heh heh... I'm a java guy these days too of course, but I was a Perl
hack for a long long time. I even have OO Perl scripts, it's not such a
bad tool to have around. :-)
Too many languages, not enough time. Currently I would like to learn Python and Perl (in that order ;-).

If there's something else that is easy to install and setup
then I have no problem with it.
Twiki took about 10 minutes to install on my linux box, but a few hours
on Solaris. Dunno about OSX as I don't have access to a box with it. I
haven't tried MoveableType or RollerWeblogger yet, so I can't comment.
Currently a lot of discussion about Twiki going on on the osafoundation lists, I'll keep you posted.

Roller is a Tomcat/servlet/MySQL/Velocity based app... but it appears to
be geared toward a single author pub system - not multi-user. :-(
Besides that it is JDK 1.4 only and a final release for that hasn't happened on OS X. I don't want to install it on the server (for fear of causing unforseen problems with my other apps running there).

I think the multi-user need is probably a deal-breaker.
I agree.

MoveableType looks multi-author aware... so I'll try installing that on
the linux box in the next week or so, and I can give an update and
discuss a bit more in person at the Nov meeting.
From what I can tell yes. Several people whom I trust are using it.



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