Warner et. al. -

Ever get the feeling you're having a discussion in an empty auditorium?

> Too many languages, not enough time. Currently I would like to learn 
> Python and Perl (in that order ;-).
I've always thought I wanted to branch out to Python... but I seem to
fall back to Perl when Java doesn't fit the need.

> Currently a lot of discussion about Twiki going on on the 
> osafoundation lists, I'll keep you posted.
WIKI's are interesting beasts... but the chaos personally makes me a
little dizzy. I'm not a fan of every third word being a MixedType link. 
> Besides that [Roller] is JDK 1.4 only and a final release 
I didn't notice that req't, so I agree - not something for the OSX box
as yet.

> > MoveableType looks multi-author aware... 
>  From what I can tell yes. Several people whom I trust are using it.

I had a look at pMachine and it is extremely interesting. And this from
a guy who isn't a fan of PHP (At one point, I was pulled in on an
emergency vendor project once that involved me re-writing some of their
spaghetti PHP code. Left me slightly bitter. ;-)

Gushing MacNET article on pMachine (which they use):

If possible, I'll try pMachine out too before the meeting. 


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