I am currently in talks with Howard right now to do either a short Tapestry or HiveMind preso tomorrow evening. I'm personally interested in HiveMind (http://jakarta.apache.org/hivemind , an Inversion of Control container). What about everyone else?

I have also fixed the mail archive.


On Sep 11, 2005, at 8:53 PM, William H. Mitchell wrote:

You might have already heard it through the grapevine but Howard Lewis Ship is in town this week. If you're having trouble getting a meeting program together, I'd be glad to ask him if he'd be willing to give a presentation
on something.

In any event, I think we should definitely go ahead and meet -- I bet the group can find something interesting to talk about for at least a little while.

I note that http://www.mail-archive.com/jug-discussion%40tucson- jug.org has
no entries past July 15.

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