Tim Colson (tcolson) wrote:
Well, I'm not 100% clear on what's wanted, but could what he 
needs be done using wget?

As described, the situation is grabbing 365 log files, stored in
YYYY/MM/file_YYYYMMDD.log directories on an HTTP server. 

The question here is not to obtain a concrete solution -- but to talk
about approaches and reasons for them. I'm curiuos to see somebody tell
me -why- they might use Jython or Beanshell, or whatever to do this...
beyond, "because I know how to use Jython, it's kewl!"
You go to scripting with the language you know not the language you wish you had.

For me I often write the pseudo code in my head.  I often find it looking like one of the scripting languages I know/use and that drives my choice.    I may also choose one because it is something that I feel a need to learn.  Ruby fits that description right now.  I like to term these little languages, some I've used  DOS Batch files, rexx sed/awk, perl,  ksh, bash,  and ruby. 

Then there is the question of which to suggest to someone of limited scripting use.    They may be very computer savoy but have not the experience, or realization, of  little languages.   For me any would do, but I'd pick the one I knew I would be willing to teach.


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