Dennis Sosnoski will be presenting at our next meeting this coming Tuesday evening where he will be covering some interesting topics:
Axis2 - a SOAP implementation (
XMLBeans -
JiBX -

Some questions I hope Dennis will answer for me:
Is SOAP dead (and if so, who killed it)?
How does XMLBeans compare to something like XStream - http:// (is there any comparison)?

As usual our meeting begins at 6:30 for meet and greet, and then continues at 7 with any JUG business, and then will conclude with Howard's talk and Q&A to follow at Gentle Ben's on University, east of Euclid.

Our meeting is now held at the CCIT building on campus, which is just off of 1st Street and Highland on the UofA campus. The best place to park is just east of Highland on Vine. Since 1st is a one-way street the best way to come in is either off of Cherry (from Speedway) or off of Campbell (heading southbound). Make a right onto 1st from Cherry and then make your first right (I believe). Park near the west end of the lot and there is an exit in the southwest corner that you can use to cross the bike path and over to the CCIT building (3 or 4 story structure on Speedway). Once in CCIT follow the signs or go up to the third floor and head to the other side of the building to room 337.

Maps can be found on the JUG home page -

I look forward to seeing you all there!


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