I agree some of this could definitely be done inside of the Wiki, but some of it would also be nice standalone applications (ie - that I and others could use elsewhere without having to have confluence available). So, maybe we need a pre-meeting sprint, or a separate discussion group for those interested to do some up-front requirements/design work before we do the sprint.


On Oct 13, 2005, at 11:50 AM, Tim Colson ((tcolson)) wrote:

Sounds like fun...

What will we be coding?
- An events calendar (using some code donated by Andy as the base)
- A membership sign-up form
- A membership directory
- Presentation archival tool

Some of this functionality might be easier to add as an extension of the
Confluence wiki.

Ex: calendar macro here that is open and could be extended:

There are always lots of ways to do anything, so I'm not saying this is
"the" way, but it might be a great starting point to leverage.


Docs on developing plugins and macros:

Plus some sysadmin type things:
- Integrate a blog

Not sure what you mean by "integrate" -- but Confluence has blogging
functionality built-in. The new 1.5 version will have a custom RSS feed
creator that can grab content that is "labelled" to your liking.

- Setup the Wiki
- Setup the bug-tracking system

Obviously, I'm interested in getting Jira/Confluence installed... but
our schedules haven't meshed. So maybe this date will work out great.

Oct. 29th
Nov. 5th
Nov. 12th

I'll be out of town on the Oct date, so the 5th or 12th would be better
for me.


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