What!?  You mean I will actually get to make this year's TJUG party!?

Fantastic, count me in. I'll RSVP for Melinda when/if she responds to the compelling "wanna go party with the nerds?" invite ;)

And you can't be blamed for searching the phonebook for 'C' restaurants. I've queried DexOnline.com for 'Java' restaurants and have come up with zilch. Good thing we are not a BASIC, Ada, COBOL, Perl or Python User's Group - no restaurants for them either.

Cuvee and Casa Vicente both rock (though C. Vicente may be a madhouse - a large group ordering tapas from a restaurant with pooooor service... but man, the food is awesome). The Cup is good but plays second to the others. Have never eaten at Cushing. And Caruso's, well, I've never understood the hype. Seems to be a perfectly mediocre Italian place.

Probably more than my $.02


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