Below is an announcement I got via a UA Computer Science mailing list.  I
don't know if there any restrictions on attendance but if you're interested
you can certainly check with Anji Siegel (see below) and find out.


An invitation to join MIS for a presentation by one of Google's
technical leaders:

        "TECH TALK" at Eller College

        Speaker: Dr. Douglas C. Merrill, Senior Director
                     of Information Systems,

        Date: Friday, 12-9-05
        Time: 11:00 am -12:30 presentation.
              12:30-1:00 pm reception
        Location: McClelland Hall room #214

Google's mission is to make the world's information universally
accessible, and it has embraced a unique, start-fresh approach to
IT in its bold effort to realize that vision. As the leader of
Google's technology efforts, Dr. Merrill will talk about the
lessons Google has learned and some of the technical challenges
facing system engineers and the next generation of computer

See poster at
for more info.

RSVP & further info:Anji Siegel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 616-2926

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