RimuHosting got back to me.  They will waive the setup fee and give us
a 10% discount, which works out to $18/month for a linux VPS with full
root access and choice of distro, 96MB ram and 4 gig of disk:


These guys have great support too, they are very helpful plus have a
bliki with lots of specific HOWTOs on setting stuff up:


If anyone knows of a better deal that gives full root access, pipe up.
 Lets get this moving...

P.S. As for hosting it on SourceForge as was suggested, I'd personally
rather have it hosted on something we have control over - with a wiki,
and with subversion, and anything else we think up.

On 1/30/06, Tim Colson (tcolson) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> It's been the time and coordination that has been difficult.
> Ex. Hardware. Stable OS. Access to the box. Setup of Java SDK. Setup of

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