Duffy wrote:
> 1) ask Warner to add 'tomcat/bin/catalin.sh start' to 
> /etc/rc.local, or start and stop scripts to the /etc/rc*.d 
> directories, and
Thanks Duffy. I know what would need to be setup for start/stop
scripts...but there are other considerations too , like starting as root
so it could attach to port 80. Better still of course would be to setup
startup scripts and mod_jk connector to Apache (I've got all the configs
from the corporate setup.) 

> 2) make sure hsqldb is configured to write data to disk (it 
> does in-memory only if configured specifically NOT to write to disk)
Yeah, the default is writing out data into the confluence_home/database

> Otherwise, I know there was an attempt to configure MySQL on 
> that machine. 
> If someone wants to install it (is the distro .deb or .rpm 
> capable?) I can figure out how to init the Confluence tables 
> given an appropriate login.
MySQL is on the box, but I believe it's 4.0 -- which I personally had
many issues with that went away with 4.1. 

Confluence table init is automagic -- so long as there is a datasource
setup with a uid/pass, Confluence can take it from there after a bit of
change to the config file. 

The tricky bit really is getting folks to actually volunteer and
coordinate with the fact that this is still a production box for
Warner... really don't want to blow stuff up. ;-)


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