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> Lol -- I'm starting to understand why the Tucson Computer Society folks
> might have been "silly" about wanting all folks who attend meetings to
> pay dues (even if they do give a preso). I believe TCS rents a building,
> owns a projector, has furniture, and presumably incurs other expenses
> too. 

FWIW, I have been here for 1 year and have not had the time to make the trek
to Tucson to meet all you fine people (not sure about Tim though ,) and
attend the meetings.  I live in Corona de Tucson which is just far enough
out to make it a trip (I don't work in Tucson either).

I would pay dues ($150+/yr), though, if in addition to a overhead projector
there were a Breeze of the presentation or even something streamed (FLV,
QuickTime, ...).  I really have been disappointed to have missed so many
worthwhile presentations (and follow-up Q&As).  Maybe a couple of JUGs
(Tucson, Phoenix...et al) could combine for Breeze or a Breeze-type service
and then any number of really valuable resources could be made available and

I know that this doesn't resolve the issue of a meeting place but I thought
it might be another reason dues could be "justified".


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