Can you please give a link for "Breeze"?  Also, if anyone else knows
any good free or cheap online video hosting solutions (even if it's
hosted on our servers) please pipe up.

There's lots of cool new stuff coming out in this area.  Some of it's
Flash-based.  Have you seen  It's really cool, but that's
mostly short length stuff - not sure if you can post longer ones.

This might be a line on a "Premium" service for members - have a few
teaser portions of presos public, but keep the rest password protected
for members?

-- Chad

On 2/3/06, Steven Elliott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 2/3/06 09:24, "Tim Colson (tcolson)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I would pay dues ($150+/yr), though, if in addition to a overhead projector
> there were a Breeze of the presentation or even something streamed (FLV,
> QuickTime, ...).  I really have been disappointed to have missed so many
> worthwhile presentations (and follow-up Q&As).  Maybe a couple of JUGs
> (Tucson, al) could combine for Breeze or a Breeze-type service
> and then any number of really valuable resources could be made available and
> achived.

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