FYI -- MS Office 2003 has a free add-on called MS Producer that kind of
mashes Window MovieMaker and PowerPoint together to let you create a
preso with audio and/or video. It's buggy, but's something to look at if
you have Office.

Even if there's a tool -- you still need to get folks to create the
"premium content". 
What's in it for them? (besides fame and admiration from adoring geeks)

I'm curious how many folks would be more interested if they were
_selling_ a presentation? 'pop'...the sound of a dozen geeks ears
pricking up.  

$250 for 60 mins preso, guaranteed even if only 5 people pay to watch
$1 per paid view of the preso -- if 5 people watch you get $5, if 5000
watch you get $5000.

How much would you pay to watch a typical JUG-quality 60 min technical
preso (i.e. not necessarily a professional presenter, with a well-oiled

How much for a No Fluff quality preso (ex. Dave Thomas on Ruby, Bruce
Tate on EJB -- with well-rehearsed material)?



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> The RubyOnRails guys seems to have a pretty low-tech approach:
> They use Snapz Pro X (,
> which I guess is Mac only.
> The point is, they just have a screen capture and audio of 
> the presenter talking.  This should be sufficient to at least 
> have something started, right?  If the presenter diligently 
> repeats any questions, keeps random audience conversation to 
> a minimum, and people can live without seeing any live video 
> of the presenter or audience, something like this just might 
> work, and wouldn't require any cameras or fancy sound stuff..
> Anyone know of a non-Mac solution which does the same sort of thing? 
> Anyone want to volunteer to put it on their laptop and let me 
> use it for my presentation this month? :)  I don't have a Mac 
> and my laptop is so old I'm embarassed to take it out in public...
> -- Chad
> On 2/3/06, Steven Elliott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On 2/3/06 11:51, "Tim Colson (tcolson)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > > I'm not saying it's impossible -- just pointing out that it isn't 
> > > simple.
> >
> >  I agree with Tim that you can make producing the content a huge 
> > effort.  I was thinking of something simpler, more of a:
> >     record the audio of the presentation.
> >     sync the audio with the powerpoint slides.
> >     import the powerpoint to breeze.
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