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Geez...I can practically hear the carnival music....

I am a little surprised at the shortsightedness of the comment or maybe I just don’t see value added tongue-in-cheek. I really believe that if you look beyond market value there is some merit to making ideas accessible to those whose only limit is time and space. I would rather be the “nerd from the scorching lands of remotest Arizona” than the Gollum of Tucson, hoarding his precious preso. ,)

Tom was most definitely making a joke (and aiming it squarely at Tim, we're all friends here ;-).

Since I am inexperienced with organizing speakers for TJUG, I have no idea if they are paid or not and if so how much. Maybe it varies. I am almost certain, though, that at the moment “members” who can make it to the preso do not pay. If I am a dues paying member why should I not have the same access to the presentation via an online presence? Why should I have to pay more? If we limit access to the presentation to members only what is the issue?

Presenters are not currently compensated (for a variety of reasons), one of the obvious benefits with doing membership is that we could start doing this on a limited basis. As for members being able to access the presentation, I think that this is our initial idea.

I could see that if we made available the presentation to a non- member, online audience via Breeze(or whatever) then the presenter as well as TJUG would want to charge for this service. OK, I don’t see a problem with that at all and in fact is one of the benefits that TJUG has; it has knowledgeable people involved in interesting technology. If they have gone to the effort of making a good presentation why shouldn’t TJUG sponsor it and put it online participating in the revenues it generates?

I think that this is probably where Tim was heading with the idea.

It seems to me that we are talking about two different but albeit similar services.


BTW I not only value a good presentation but consider just as valuable the audience participation, Q&A.

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