Yes, I'm doing a preso on the 15th.  It's just a rehash of my
DeveloperWorks "Intro to Spring Using Swing" article, but it may be
interesting to people who are new to either of these topics.  Pedantic
rantings on good OO design are included as a bonus.  No slides, it
will basically just be a hands-on walkthrough of the article, which
ends up with a working To-Do list app.  Hopefully not too lame, but if
you don't like it, sign up to do the next one!

Also, can someone volunteer to let me use their laptop for the preso? 
Ant, Java, and a text editor should be sufficient (we don't need no
stinking IDE!).  I'll try to have Old Bessie there, but I want a
backup just in case.  Plus I have linux on it, and maybe someone could
really step up and figure out how to do a screen show/audio capture on
their PC.

-- Chad

On 2/4/06, Warner Onstine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The answer to both questions is yes :-). Coming up on the 15th will
> be our own Chad Wooley talking on using Spring with Swing. March will
> be Rob Gingell, April, May, and June will be covered it's just a
> matter of who wants to do what when - Rene (dbunit), Duffy(Natural
> Language Processing), and myself(Cocoa/Objective-C) have all
> volunteered and Chad has another preso on TDD that he's willing to
> do.

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