Eight years after the invention of XML, DOM and SAX,
despite their respective issues, are still the mainstays
of application developers. 
So is it the end of road for XML parsing innovation?
The VTD-XML project team think not. We are proud to
announce the availability of both C and Java version
1.5 of VTD-XML, the next generation open-source XML
parser that goes beyond DOM and SAX in terms of
performance, memory usage and ease of use.
The technical highlights of VTD-XML are:
* Performance: the world's fastest XML parser,
  between 5x~10x faster than DOM
* Memory Usage: 3x to 5x less than DOM, 1.3x~1.5x
  XML document size
* Random access with built-in XPath support
* A simple and intuitive API
Other advanced features include:
* Buffer reuse
* Large document support (2GByte)
* Incremental update
* Hardware acceleration
* Native XML indexing.
For demos, latest benchmarks, related articles and software
downloads, please visit http://vtd-xml.sf.net. Also let us
know your thoughts and suggestions and help us improve

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