My only question is - where's Nick? Just because he moved to the bay area he can't come back and visit with us? ;-).

Seriously, this does look interesting and I plan on attending.


Google Panel Discussion
Tuesday, March 21st
5:30 - 6:30PM
Student Union Memorial Center, Room 411
Pizza will be served!

Google is coming to campus!
Working at Google means tackling tough problems and developing
innovative products that make a positive difference in tens of millions
of lives every day. You will find fun, friendly colleagues, an
incredibly supportive environment that values life as much as it does
work, and the opportunity to test the limits of your intellectual
abilities. Join us for an interactive session to get an insider's view
on Google! Please come with some prepared questions that you would like
to know about Google for our panelists.

Amanda Camp, Software Engineer
Amanda joined Google in January of 2005 and currently works on Google
Sitemaps, a project that communicates with webmasters to improve our
coverage of the web. When she started at Google, Amanda's starter
project was to design and implement the Sitemaps web frontend. The
project launched after five months of development and has since had over
a dozen releases and been internationalized in 15 languages. In her 20%
time, Amanda has been active in recruiting and hiring, focusing on new
college graduates. Prior to joining Google Amanda studied Computer
Science at the University of Arizona, receiving her BS in December 2004.

Chris Lopez, Software Engineer
Chris works on Java developer productivity at Google.  He looks at what
is slowing people down and figures out what can be done to improve
things.  The changes range from modifying the development process, to
showing individual teams better ways to write and organize code, to
writing tools to automate tasks, to convincing others to write tools to
automate tasks.  When he joined Google, he was the only person doing
this work.  There is now an entire group dedicated to this task.  Prior
to Google, Chris ran his own consulting company, specializing in object
oriented technologies and agile development methodologies.  He has a BS
in Aero & Astro Eng, an MS in CS and spent many years working on a PhD.
combining Aero, Compositional Modeling and Explanation systems.

Eoghan Nolan, Engineering Manager
Eoghan joined Google in June of 2004 and currently manages the Google
Billing Team. Since joining Google, Eoghan has built and implemented an
entirely new billing system for all of Google's online customers. This
application now accounts for 90% of Google's revenues and is capable of
processing customer payments in 51currencies in over 100 countries.
Prior to joining Google, Eoghan worked at Accenture where he built
billing applications for eBay, Network Application, Applied Materials
and others. Eoghan studied Economics at Trinity College Dublin, received
his M.Finance in 1995 and is currently studying for his MS in Computer
Science at Stanford.

Sean O'Connor, Software Engineer in Test Sean joined Google in 2005 and
has worked in both the Mountain View and Kirkland offices. His first
project was to build up and lead a team within Testing Services,
focusing on internal infrastructure and operations projects. Since then
he has moved to the Clicktocall project, working on international
features and performance/scalability testing.
He has been actively involved in recruiting and interviewing at Google.

April Yu, University Programs
April joined Google in August 2005 and works on the University Programs
team. She currently manages relationships with schools such as MIT,
Stanford, Georgia Tech, Wellesley, Brown, U of Michigan, U of Arizona,
and Arizona State University. Prior to Google, April spent a year at
Dell, Inc managing University and Diversity Programs for Dell's Product
and WW Procurement Groups. Before Dell, April spent 5 years at Microsoft
where she was on the Staffing Marketing Team working on PR, Advertising
and Events for Microsoft Staffing. Prior to joining Microsoft she worked
at Visio Corporation on the Corporate Sales Marketing Team and received
her BA in Business from the University of Washington.

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