Derby is pretty easy to get setup and run embeded.  H2 (been reading
this afternoon.)  Looks like it has a better install and GUI app.  

The IJ command line tool in Derby works great once you get it up and
running, but I am sorry to say that it was a bit of a pain.... some of
this was a new box and the fact that I have been "managing" too much
and writing code TOO little.  I think I acutally saw dust come off the
screen when I fired up Eclipse. ;) 

If the H2 site is to be believed it looks like it has both a smaller
code foot print and significant performance advantages..... 

I do like the idea of Apache and IBM behind Derby and the possibility
of buying the Cloudscape command tools and support.   Depends on your
app and your corporate environment if you ask me.

Todd R. Ellermann

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