I'm looking for a short-term contractor to write some tests using jWebUnit
(or Selenium, or ...)  The contractor could work at his/her own office at
whatever times they find most convenient.  No travel would be required but
a few business-day phone calls would be needed, at least to get started. 
Pay would be on a 1099 basis.  Part-time work is surely acceptable.

I'm willing to consider individuals without experience with jWebUnit (or
whatever the tool) iff they're willing to learn the tool(s) on their own
time and have some solid Java experience.

IN ADDITION to a contractor to actually write the tests I'd like to speak
with individuals who have a LOT of experience with such tools.  I picture
a conversation or two via phone, perhaps an hour or two in length, with

My phone number is below but for best results, please respond via e-mail. 
I try to at least acknowledge all e-mail messages -- if I don't respond,
assume a message was lost and write me again.

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