I created a framework called Presto that is similar in concept to RoR, but
it is all Java. It makes heavy use of Spring AOP/Introductions, Hibernate
and Facelets composition components.

It is similar in concept to Trails but for JSF. IMHO, it is far more
practical, more flexible and less obtrusive than Trails. Then again, what
would you expect me to say....

It uses Hibernate, Spring, Maven 2, Tomahawk, AspectJ, Acegi, JSF and
Facelets. (Trails uses Hibernate, Ant and Spring).

It also does a lot of heavy Spring/JSF integration as well.

If anyone is interested, I'd like to offer it up as a code camp
discussion. This will be good practice as we are creating a video at some

Personally, I have a strong distaste for Ruby and Python. I think
scripting languages are a step backwards because of their lack of IDE
support. Scripting has its place for sure, but....

I was a very large Python fan at one point. I still love the language but...

I am still hoping that Groovy will hit the sweet spot of tool support and
great Java integration. I have my doubts.

Also someone has to add Rife to the list. Rife continuations are the bomb.
(This is something I plan on adding to Presto/JSF).

BTW Since this is a JUG and there is so much Java stuff going on why the
focus on inferior platforms. Why not....

Rife (continuations and metaprogramming)
Spring 2.0 (new features)
Avatar (Ajax JSF support at the component level)
Facelets (Composition components)

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> I think that would be great. Volunteers to help set up? (I
> have absolutely no idea on how to make confluence look less
> confluency and more like a regular site).
It is more import to have current information than a site that doesn't
look "confluency", in my opinion. ;-)


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