So, I was looking at the OSCON sessions for this year (wish I could go again) and ran across this:
haXe is a new language for web programming. With haXe you can write your Javascript/AJAX code, your Server-side logic with database access and create Flash content. All with one single programming language. haXe is optimized for flexibility : neither staticly nor dynamicly typed, its unique type system brings the best of both worlds.

By providing some standardized tools, it enables you to use a complete Web framework that features transparent client/server communications. Programming haXe is easy, yet it provides some advanced features that will make experienced developers enjoy it.

This talk will introduce the haXe language, some of its libraries and ideas and explain how it helps you to develop websites.

Doing a search turns up this site:

Just curious if any others had actually heard of this. Looks interesting, but not sure how useful it is.


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