Hey Rick,

You raise an issue I've been looking at lately: the pros & cons
of various web app dev frameworks. I was motivated by my lack
of knowledge about what's out there and inspired by Matt Raible's
comparison presentation (http://www.virtuas.com/articles/webframework-sweetspots.html).

In the snippet below you mention JSF/Facelets and Tapestry.
When do you choose to use Tapestry over JSF/Facelets (or vice versa)?

(Anyone else with experience in the frameworks area, please chime in).

At 11:00 AM 6/20/2006, Rick wrote:

I was up your way working on a Tapestry project (a few weeks ago).

I've been doing some Tapestry work on the side while doing
JSF/Facelets/Spring/Hibernate(iBatis too) for my regular gig. I also updated
our Tapestry course to Tapestry 4.0.



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