> Solr has a custom response handler hook so XML is not 
> required, just the default.


Do you know of anyone created a handler that returns JSON to compare
speed of parsing?

Might be fun to rig a Solr XML feed to a Flex UI...now that it's free.

(Stop reading now if you don't want to hear about Flex.)

Dunno if anyone has noticed, but Macromederrrr, Adobe is says on their
site that the core Flex 2.0 SDK and distribution will be free.

"At the core of Flex 2.0 is the Flex framework, which is included with
Flex Builder and will also be distributed in the free Flex Software
Development Kit (SDK). Using only the free Flex SDK, you can
commercially deploy Flex applications that connect to XML and SOAP web
services with no additional costs or server licensing required."

Note the limitation of XML services and/or SOAP Services (both lowercase
and upper intentional). The uninitiated might wonder why this is
considered a limit. The "Flex Data Services" server piece (which will
still cost big bucks) provides a super-easy super-fast
binary-proto-over-the-wire auto-serialization
auto-conversion-to-ActionScript-data-types RPC mechanism that can
leverage existing POJO's on the server with finegrained declarative
security. A mouthful of buzzwords that truly is worth something... but
not sure it's worth the price they're asking. ;-)

Oh, and for all you Eclipse freaks... the new FlexBuilder IDE is based
on Eclipse. 


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