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As the certified and certifiable old fart in the group, here is my take.

All the inventors of technology or frameworks or languages or whatever were
invented/created/authored by individuals or small groups of individuals to
ease some pain they were feeling or a small number of these creative events
were from academics that just wanted to prove a concept, but even that fills
a need.

So unless you happen to share that pain, then their creation may not fill
your own need to ease the pain you feel.

Drew and I talked about this very thing a couple of years ago over a BBQ and
I don't think it has changed much.  I remember the flame wars that could
erupt if you happened to say something like "wordstar is best" in a group of
techies, or "word perfect is best" or "visicalc rules" or "______ is best".

Conversely "_____ is crap" can cause the same kind of flame war.

So just about anybody can fill in either of those blanks above with any of:

AJAX, Laszlo, ZK, Google Web Toolkit, ThinWire, RoR, OGNL, Tapestry, Cocoon,
Struts, WebWorks, Ruby, TCL, Python, PHP, Java, C++, JSF, JSP, JSTL,
Alarius, etc.

And I am quite sure that while reading this some of you are already filling
in your favorite blank for each of those.  But take care, no matter which
one you choose to fill either blank and somebody on this list will think you
are quite wrong, they just don't feel the same pain you feel.

Michael Oliver
Alarius Systems LLC
6800 E. Lake Mead Blvd, #1096
Las Vegas, NV 89156

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Subject: [jug-discussion] Web Framework debates online

There's a lot of heat being generated online about the growing plethora of
web development frameworks. Often, the comments and replies to
the articles are more informative and useful than the articles. Here are
a couple of links I ran across this morning, for those who are interested
in trying separating the light from the heat (apologies to those who are
just waiting for the dust to settle):

Ruby cheerleading, but the replies/comments have some useful info:

Matt Raible's take on it (also with some useful replies):

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