Below is a posting that's circulating around the CS department at the U. You might find it interesting.

From: Lester McCann
Organization: Univ. of Arizona CS Dept.
Subject: Potentially interesting Seattle Times story

Mentioned in today's ACM TechNews email:

The story covers several aspects of supply and demand of CS students at Washington's universities and industries. It's long for a newspaper story. Here are a few quotes that caught my eye:

"Computer-science enrollment at the UW has remained flat for seven years, but it's holding up better than at most institutions, where it has dropped sharply since 2000. It got so bad at Seattle Pacific University that this year administrators considered closing their computer science department altogether, a plan that's been shelved for now."

"...right now a UW student with a bachelor's degree in computer science can expect to make $75,000 in his or her first year. Top students are also being routinely lured with $20,000 signing bonuses — something not seen since the late 1990s."

"Beyond the base pay, Google recruits are excited about other possibilities, such as landing a "Founders Award" — typically given to teams of five to 10 employees who create great new products for the company. Shivakumar says he and his small team recently won a $10 million award."

"Microsoft continues to add workers locally at the rate of 4,000 a year."

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