Next week Tom will be presenting on ESBs using FUSE and Apache ServiceMix.

Time: 6:30 meet and greet
Where: CCIT building, LTC on the UofA Campus (map and parking on Web site)
Topic: An Introduction to ESBs using FUSE and Apache ServiceMix
Speaker: Tom Hicks, Tohono Consulting LLC

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a hot buzzword in the web services world and companies like Sun, Fiorano, Software AG, Iona, Sonic, and BEA are investing heavily in building ESB products. In this talk, I will share my exploration of the ESB
space using LogicBlaze's open source FUSE product, which incorporates
the open source Apache ServiceMix ESB which, in turn, is built upon the
Java Business Integration (JBI) technology (JSR 208).

I will present a brief introduction to the concepts of ESB and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture),
followed by an overview of FUSE, Apache ServiceMix, and JBI.  A working
demonstration will examine some example components running in the ServiceMix ESB and what it took to develop them. Finally, I will share some lessons I have learned
from the experience.

Map and other fun facts can be found at:


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