heheh  and my language of choice...  java.

Thanks all.  It'll be good to put  your faces to your names at the party.

Liz, Data Base Administrator,
Methods Engineering

"Chad Woolley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
12/09/2008 02:11 PM
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Re: [jug-discussion] JRuby vs. Groovy (was: Any News on the Holiday 

It was mentioned in the previous thread that this is not a web app.

As for JRuby vs. pure Ruby.  However, this is the JUG list, and the
question on JRuby performance was my chance to be a troll with a
point, especially since there's been Groovy vs. Ruby debates on here
before ;)

Depending on the target deployment environment (windows?  lots of
users?  Intranet?) JRuby might still be a better choice, since the JVM
is ubiquitous (and native Ruby on Windows still sucks).

-- Chad

PS: Don't forget the JOrganic JJelly with a side of JJuice...

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 1:59 PM, nlesiecki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If I was from-scratching a website, I'd definitely look at JRuby on 
> With JPeanut sauce on my JTofu.
> Nick
> On Dec 9, 2008, at 12:04 PM, Chad Woolley wrote:
>> Here's the latest performance numbers on JRuby:

>> Summary - JRuby is doing very well; came in second after Ruby 1.9; and
>> compatibility is good and getting better all the time.
>> Ok, troll time:
>> My opinion - definitely try JRuby over Groovy.  You get all the
>> benefits of the Java ecosystem: native calls to java libraries, JVM
>> execution, JIT compilation, packaging, war/ear-based deployment, etc,
>> etc.  Most importantly, however, you get a language that was designed
>> to "make people happy".  Most Rubyists - especially those with
>> experience in other languages - agree it achieves this goal well.
>> As for Groovy, I still say it is an attempt to make a static language
>> (Java) appear dynamic.  They've done a decent job, but when you really
>> compare it to using native Ruby, the warts and sharp edges poke
>> through.
>> The only argument I see in favor of Groovy is integration with the
>> Java ecosystem, which JRuby effectively negates.  Conversely, all
>> language or syntax preference or prejudice aside, the Ruby ecosystem
>> is also very rich (rubygems and github), and you cannot take advantage
>> of this with Groovy.  Why not be able to choose from the best of both
>> worlds?
>> Java is dead, long live the JVM.  JRuby FTW in the enterprise.
>> -- Chad
>> On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 3:45 PM, Todd Ellermann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
>>> One more side note.  JRuby runs on the JVM as well, and for a while 
>>> out
>>> performing the native Ruby interpreters. Not sure if that is still 
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