Hello Folks, we are going to have some extra Juggling this Sunday.  So please 
take note there are two juggling meetings happening. If you have any questions, 
please call me at 412 708-3638.

>From Noon to at least 2:00 PM Pitt will be having their activities fair. So, 
>we will be on the lawn promoting the Pitt Juggling Club. If you are one of the 
>Pitt Students that signed up, please stop by. If you would just like to get in 
>some extra juggling, please stop by.  We will also have a raffle for a set of 
>Pitt Tartan Juggling Balls. Everyone that has signed up for the club over the 
>summer are already entered into the raffle. 

We will also be meeting in front of the Carnegie Library from 3:30 to at least 
6:00 PM on Schenley Plaza. Here we will have all our regular juggling fun with 
our new Friends. 

I would also like to reach out to everyone borrowing clubs. If you have 
borrowed a set of clubs and no longer need them, please return them. That way 
we can lend them out to the new folks. If you are still using them, please 

I hope you can join us this Sunday

SR Gailey
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