Well folks the students are back so we need to head back to CMU for our weekday 
meetings. So come on back and join us on the Cut at CMU starting at 4:00 PM. If 
I can get out earlier, I may get the slack lines up. 

I would also like to know what day and time is best for the CMU Students and 
folks that want to attend the CMU Weekday meeting. We will be keeping up our 
traditional Sunday meeting. So please let me know what is good for you.

The Clown Brigade would like to know when folks are available for a Magic and 
Clown Persona Meeting. They will be taking place on the South Side. Please 
email me the times and days that are best for you if you are interested.

I hope you can drop by This evening.

SR Gailey  

Chief Clown and owner of enough juggling clubs to need some kind of 
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