We are going to meet on the Cut at CMU if the weather holds. If it does not, we 
will be in Newell Simon Hall in the Atrium. So come and join us this Sunday for 
juggling somewhere. We will have Buddy the Wonder Dog waiting for people to pet 
him. He will be sad if you do not come and pet him. So come on out, you don't 
want to make a poor old dog sad.

For the Clown Folk we will have Balloon Animals. We have managed to get some 
more copies of our balloon books. 

There is all kind of things happening so do not miss it. There will always be 
more work. Take some time to entertain yourself and others. If you have any 
questions you can call me at 412 708-3638.

SR Gailey Secretary of the Juggling Club and better at balloon animals than 
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