We will be meeting in Newell Simon Hall's Atrium starting at 3:30 PM this 
Sunday. So come on out. We miss you. 

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March 5th Pocono Juggling/Circus Festival 

Tuesday the 7th will be the next Clown Class. This will be at the Clown Cave on 
the South Side. 1902 South 18th Street. 

We will be juggling Thursday the 9th in the always lovely Newell Simon Hall's 
Atrium. We will be starting at 5:00 PM and going till seven or so. So come on 
by for an hour or so. If the weather is nice we might be outside on the Cut. If 
we are outside we will start earlier. We would like to see you. 

March 11th 3 to 9 PM on the South Side. The Brigade will be juggling drinkers 
at the corner of 13th and Carson. If you would like to join us let me know. 412 
708-3638 If you want to watch just drop by. 

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March 15 5:30 the Ides of March March. We meet at the corner of Arlington and 
Warrington Ave. There will be cake afterward. 

March 20th through 24th World Clown Association Convention 

RIT  March 24th through the 26th RIT Spring Juggle In https://fb.me/e/2wtXbHyqg

The Congress of Jugglers is May 5th through the 7th 

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