Come and join us for juggling in the exquisite Newell Simon Hall this Sunday at 
3:30 PM. Buddy the Wonder Dog misses you. You need to throw things and pet a 
dog. What more can you want. 

This Week       CMUMFO    SCCB    Pitt-MDO________________
6:00 PM Tuesday Clown Practice the South Side

7:00 PM Thursday IBM Meeting 1250 Banksville Rd Eat'n Park
5:00 PM Thursday Juggling at CMU

Up Coming Events_______Juggling__Circus__Magic____________

Groundhog Day Juggling Festival - February 2-4, 2024 - Atlanta, GA {keepers of 
the fake groundhog}

Mondo 35: Juggling and Unicycle Festival - February 16-18 , 2024 - St. Paul, MN 

Rochester 44th Juggle-In - March 6-8, 2024 - Rochester, NY

World Clown Association March 18th - 22nd 2024

Congress of Juggling April 19th - 21st 2024 - College Park, MD

77th IJA Juggling Festival - July 8-14, 2024 - Green Bay Wisconsin
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