Seems like a good thing to do would be to ensure the tech board doesn't have 
any objections and then put it to a vote since it's more a property of the team 
and not the codebase.

I just want some consistency until a decision is made. E.g. "we will be trying 
out GitHub reviews for the next two weeks; all reviews should be done on there".


Nate Finch <> writes:

> Can we try reviews on github for a couple weeks? Seems like we'll
> never know if it's sufficient if we don't try it. And there's no setup
> cost, which is nice.
> On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 12:44 PM Katherine Cox-Buday
> <> wrote:
>     I see quite a few PRs that are being reviewed in GitHub and not
>     ReviewBoard. I really don't care where we do them, but can we
>     please pick a direction and move forward? And until then, can we
>     stick to our previous decision and use RB? With people using both
>     it's much more difficult to tell what's been reviewed and what
>     hasn't.
>     --
>     Katherine
>     Nate Finch <> writes:
>     > In case you missed it, Github rolled out a new review process.
>     It
>     > basically works just like reviewboard does, where you start a
>     review,
>     > batch up comments, then post the review as a whole, so you don't
>     just
>     > write a bunch of disconnected comments (and get one email per
>     review,
>     > not per comment). The only features reviewboard has is the edge
>     case
>     > stuff that we rarely use: like using rbt to post a review from a
>     > random diff that is not connected directly to a github PR. I
>     think
>     > that is easy enough to give up in order to get the benefit of
>     not
>     > needing an entirely separate system to handle reviews.
>     >
>     > I made a little test review on one PR here, and the UX was
>     almost
>     > exactly like working in reviewboard:
>     >
>     >
>     > There may be important edge cases I'm missing, but I think it's
>     worth
>     > looking into.
>     >
>     > -Nate

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