On 13 October 2016 at 10:36, Katherine Cox-Buday <
katherine.cox-bu...@canonical.com> wrote:

> Menno Smits <menno.sm...@canonical.com> writes:
> > Christian (babbageclunk) has been busy fixing various memory leaks in
> the Juju
> > controllers and has made some significant improvements.
> Awesome, good work, Christian!
> Not to detract from this fantastic news, but it's still worrisome that an
> idle Juju seems to have a memory which is growing linearly (before picture
> looked like the beginning of an exponential curve?). Do we feel this is
> memory which will at some point be GCed?

​To be clear, the Juju controller is anything but idle in this test. Models
are being continually added and removed, with charms deployed, over the
course of 8 hours.

But yes, there does appear to still be some memory not being released
somewhere. The problem is much less severe now.

- Menno

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