Hi folks

That time of the week again - almost beer o'clock for those of us in Aus/NZ
timezones - and also time to recap on the happenings in the land of Juju
development over the past 7 days.

We're working hard to get a Juju 2.2 out the door. The week saw a release of 2.2
beta4 which included usability improvements to actions, openstack and oracle
providers. Focus this week has been on squashing a number of stakeholder bugs
and CI test failures. We aim to release an RC in a week or so all going well.

A couple of key development highlights apart from the usual fare of bug fixes

- close to finishing improvements to how Juju storage operates - expect a snap
early next week to try out the feature which is targetted for Juju 2.3. You will
gain the ability to destroy a unit but leave its storage behind; this storage
can then be attached to a different unit or re-used when deploying a new
application instance.

- all of the CI and QA tools and scripts and test frameworks have been moved
across from Launchpad to live under the Juju repo on github. This is part of the
ongoing process to revamp and improve our test infrastructure to make everything
more robust and maintainable, and make writing CI tests as easy as possible.

- model migration improvements so that things play nicely together in a JAAS
world in addition to individual controllers

Quick links:
  Work Pending: https://github.com/juju/juju/pulls
  Recent commits: https://github.com/juju/juju/commits/develop

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