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> Hello!
> When using juju 2.0 on maas 1.9 or 2.0, you should get lxd containers
> provisioned with as many interfaces as their host machine has, because
> we're creating bridges on all configured host interfaces at initial boot
> (e.g. eth0 becomes br-eth0, ens4.250 - br-ens4.250 and so on). Nothing
> needs configuring to get this behaviour, but there's a caveat:
> In order for the above to work, there's a limitation currently being
> addressed - all interfaces on the host machine in MAAS need to be linked
> to a subnet and have an IP address configured - either as Static or
> Auto, but not DHCP or Unconfigured. Otherwise the process of allocating
> addresses for the container (represented as a MAAS Device, visible on
> the host node's details page in MAAS UI under Containers and VMs) can
> fail half way through and Juju will instead fall back to a the single
> NIC LXD default profile, using lxdbr0 on a local subnet. You can tell
> whether this happened, because there will be a WARNING in
> /var/log/juju/machine-0.log on the bootstrap machine, like: `failed to
> prepare container "0/lxd/0" network config: ...` describing the
> underlying error encountered.
> Please note, the above limitation will be gone very soon - likely
> beta18, not beta17 scheduled for release this week. In that upcoming
> beta, unlinked or unconfigured host machine interfaces won't prevent the
> multi-NIC container provisioning and address allocation - Juju will just
> allocate addresses where it can, leaving the rest unconfigured, and not
> falling back to using LXD default profile's lxdbr0.
> HTH,
> Dimiter
Hey Dimiter,

I'm hitting the same issue.  I have all the interfaces linked to subnets
with auto but I still get the 'failed to prepare container "0/lxd/0"' error
message saying 'connection is shut down'.  The containers are still using
lxdbr0 (see http://paste.ubuntu.com/23188824/).  The containers show up on
the nodes page with juju*-lxd-*.maas names.  Do you have any other tips for
getting past this?

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