Hi All

We've been experimenting with the new application-version-set feature in
Juju 2.0 in the OpenStack charms team; it provides a much needed way for a
charm to indicate which version of an OpenStack component is deployed at
any given point in time.

We've come up with an approach that either use the upstream version of the
principle component being deployed, falling back to the codename for an
OpenStack release - for deployment from source or prior to the packages
being installed for example.

However, we're finding that 7 chars is a bit limiting in the default
tabular status output - for example:

  9.0.0~b3 (truncates to 9.0....)
  icehouse (truncates to iceh...)

Could this field be expandable on demand? I think our longest example would
currently be:

  13.0.0~rc1 (10 chars)


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