On 19/09/16 16:19, James Beedy wrote:
> I am trying to bootstrap the rackspace provider and cannot seem to get
> past "ERROR failed to bootstrap model: no image metadata found". Do I
> need to generate metadata for rackspace provider? I feel like I need
> to get some images in rackspace and generate the image metadata using
> the image ids for said images. Is there any difference between the way
> this is done for openstack and the way it should be done here?
> Could someone who has successfully bootstrapped rackspace shed some
> light here?

There are official Ubuntu images in Rackspace, so bootstrap should work
fine, it's a bug if it doesn't. Not sure about Windows and CentOS charms
unless there are official images of those too.

Would be nice to get an interactive bootstrap in RAX too :)

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