On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 4:29:33 PM UTC, Páll Haraldsson wrote:

> `ARGB32` uses a `UInt32` representation of color,
> [I didn't see RGBA, only alpha in upper bits.. so unless I overlooked, may 
> not work, since bits not in the same order:]

> " reinterpret(type, A)
>     Change the type-interpretation of a block of memory. [..]"
> for the 32-bit pixel values?
> Maybe you can do just that without any wrapper, if that is only needed, to 
> get the new type-name (assuming you can and there are no name classes with 
> importing two packages that define say Color..)?

I guess, when alpha is in the low bits, you could do something like:

reinterpret(UInt32, UInt32(rotate_left(pixel))) # given that function was 

but I guess it would be slow.. ROL (I'm justed to from assembly) couldn't 
be optimized away, in most or even any cases..

I'm not sure why, there are just [arithmetic] shift left and right in Julia 
and languages I'm familiar with.. I guess because you can build from that 

reinterpret(UInt32, UInt32(pixel<<8))

and more.

Not sure that version would be easier for the optimizer..

Best would be if there already is already also a RGBA32 type (or you could 
add it).


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