I notice Julia's document shows how to compile julia source code from 
cygwin. <https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/blob/master/README.windows.md>
 However, given julia had be installed on my mechine, I prefer to add path 
rather than install another version.

在 2016年9月17日星期六 UTC+8下午5:15:57,zlqs1985写道:
> I want to make Cygwin  my default julia working env. It proved that I can 
> dive into julia successfully within cygwin. However, when I want to use 
> package ,say 
> using Distributions
> , the cmd throwed error message told me that : ArgumentError: distribution 
> not found in path
> Well, it's clear I have not added the package path to cygwin, an action I 
> take for granted in windows cmd.
> Can  linux command like 
> export PATH=/cgdrive/c/ .. julia package path .. :$PATH
> resolve my problem? Any suggestion are highly appreciated.

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