When you run a login terminal in Julia, your HOME is set differently than 
outside of Cygwin. You could set the environment variable JULIA_PKGDIR to 
your normal package directory. Note that if you're using Julia 0.4, you 
should avoid having Cygwin's git in your path, or have it later than the 
version of git that comes with Julia 0.4. The Julia package manager isn't 
compatible with Cygwin's version of git, but on Julia 0.5 the package 
manager no longer uses command-line git so it's not an issue.

On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 2:15:57 AM UTC-7, zlqs1985 wrote:
> I want to make Cygwin  my default julia working env. It proved that I can 
> dive into julia successfully within cygwin. However, when I want to use 
> package ,say 
> using Distributions
> , the cmd throwed error message told me that : ArgumentError: distribution 
> not found in path
> Well, it's clear I have not added the package path to cygwin, an action I 
> take for granted in windows cmd.
> Can  linux command like 
> export PATH=/cgdrive/c/ .. julia package path .. :$PATH
> resolve my problem? Any suggestion are highly appreciated.

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