Hi Jonathan,

Seems like this has kind of burnt out. Is there still an impetus on a 

On Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 8:16:36 PM UTC-4, Jonathan Malmaud wrote:
> Hi all,
> There's been some chatter about maybe switching to a new, more modern 
> forum platform for Julia that could potentially subsume julia-users, 
> julia-dev, julia-stats, julia-gpu, and julia-jobs.   I created 
> http://julia.malmaud.com for us to try one out and see if we like it. 
> Please check it out and leave feedback. All the old posts from julia-users 
> have already been imported to it.
> It is using Discourse <http://www.discourse.org/faq/>, the same forum 
> software used for the forums of Rust <https://users.rust-lang.org>, 
> BoingBoing, and some other big sites. Benefits over Google Groups include 
> better support for topic tagging, community moderation features,  Markdown 
> (and hence syntax highlighting) in messages, inline previews of linked-to 
> Github issues, better mobile support, and more options for controlling when 
> and what you get emailed. The Discourse website 
> <http://www.discourse.org/faq/> does a better job of summarizing the 
> advantages than I could.
> To get things started, MIke Innes suggested having a topic on what we 
> plan on working on this coming wee 
> <http://julia.malmaud.com/t/whats-everyone-working-on-this-week-9-19-2015-9-26/3155>k.
> I think that's a great idea.
> Just to be clear, this isn't "official" in any sense - it's just to 
> kickstart the discussion. 
> -Jon

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