I just updated my codebase to 0.5, and encountered a strange bug. I have 
two tests, test 1 and 2, both wrapped in their own modules so as not to 
interact. Both tests run fine from a fresh Julia session, but running test 
1 before test 2 yields "TypeError: non-boolean (Bool) used in boolean 
context". Normally, the type in () is something like `Int64`, or `String`; 
Bool is non-sensical.... The error happens on an `if` inside a function, 
and printing thus:

@show is_eoe
@show isa(is_eoe, Bool)
if is_eoe


is_eoe = false
isa(is_eoe,Bool) = true

Is that a known issue? The codebase is unfortunately on the large side, and 
trimming it down will take a while. It's not the test 1 definitions/imports 
that cause the problems; it's running code. Presumably it compiles 
something wrong, and that corrupts test 2, somehow? 


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