Does the problem go away if you run gc()?

On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 3:55:14 PM UTC-4, K leo wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion about valgrind.
> Can someone please let me first understand the expected behaviour for 
> memory usage.
> Let's say when I first starts Julia REPL it takes 5% of RAM (according to 
> top).  Then I include "myfile.jl" and run myfunction().  During the 
> execution of myfunction(), memory allocation of Julia reaches 40% of RAM 
> (again according to top).  Say running myfunction() involves no allocation 
> of global objects - all object used are local.  Then when myfunction() 
> finished and I am at the REPL prompt, should top show the memory usage of 
> Julia drops down to the previous level (5% of RAM)?  My current observation 
> is that it doesn't.  Is this the expected behaviour?

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