Hello all! The latest bugfix release of the Julia 0.4.x line has been 
released. We've been a bit distracted with 0.5 release candidates so this 
also took longer than our usual monthly target. This may be the last 
release of the 0.4 line, unless new issues are brought to our attention 
that need backporting to the release-0.4 branch. Binaries are available 
from the usual place <http://julialang.org/downloads/> (however the links 
for 0.4.7 will be moved to the old releases page very soon), and as is 
typical with such things, please report all issues to either the issue 
tracker <https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/issues>, or email the 
julia-users list. If you reply to this message on julia-users, please do 
not cc julia-news which is intended to be low-volume.

This is a bugfix release, see this commit log 
<https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/compare/v0.4.6...v0.4.7> for the list 
of bugs fixed between 0.4.6 and 0.4.7. Bugfix backports to the 0.4.x line 
may continue if necessary. If you are a package author and want to rely on 
functionality that did not work in earlier 0.4.x releases but does work in 
0.4.7 in your package, please be sure to change the minimum julia version 
in your REQUIRE file to 0.4.7 accordingly. If you're not sure about this, 
you can test your package specifically against older 0.4.x releases on 
Travis and/or locally.

This is a recommended upgrade for anyone using previous releases who 
intends to keep using Julia 0.4 even after Julia 0.5.0 gets released, and 
should act as a drop-in replacement for prior 0.4.x releases. If you find 
any regressions relative to previous releases, please let us know.


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