Great news, thanks to everyone who contributed to this great release! I’ve been 
using the release candidates for a couple of weeks, and 0.5 is a fantastic 





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At long last, we can announce the final release of Julia 0.5.0! See the release 
notes at for more 
details, and expect a blog post with some highlights within the next few days. 
Binaries are available from the usual place <> , 
and please report all issues to either the issue tracker 
<>  or email the julia-users list. 
Don't CC julia-news, which is intended to be low-volume, if you reply to this 


Many thanks to all the contributors, package authors, users and reporters of 
issues who helped us get here. We'll be releasing regular monthly bugfix 
backports from the 0.5.x line, while major feature work is ongoing on master 
for 0.6-dev. Enjoy!

We haven't made the change just yet, but to package authors: please be aware 
that `release` on Travis CI for `language: julia` will change meaning to 0.5 
shortly. So if you want to continue supporting Julia 0.4 in your package, 
please update your .travis.yml file to have an "- 0.4" entry under `julia:` 
versions. When you want to drop support for Julia 0.4, update your REQUIRE file 
to list `julia 0.5` as a lower bound, and the next time you tag the package be 
sure to increment the minor or major version number via `PkgDev.tag(pkgname, 

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