I am new to Julia.  I want to see what the REPL is doing when I add 
packages. The response is a bright blue against totally black and the 
contrast is so BAD I can read what is going on.  I want to use the Julia 
REPL out of the box with a minor tweak to change colors, not use another 
terminal emulator.

I tried changing the environment colors in the file "juliarc.jl" below and 
the Julia REPL starts but then stops running.  It seems to have no effect 
except to stop the program from running correctly.  

    # Base.active_repl.prompt_color = Base.text_colors[:cyan]
    # Base.active_repl.envcolors = false

Does someone have a good explanation of how to change these color scheme or 
theme so better contrast colors that are readable?   

Is there a way to do this without rebuilding the environment (which I don't 
have a clue right now how to do.)

It is frustrating for a beginner to not see what Pkg.add is actually 

Thanks in advance.


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