So I did it again. While trying to install ImageMagick and at same time 
attempting to convince Julia that I already had one ImageMagick installed 
in my Win machine and manually deleted some files.
After that the chaos. Every Pkg.update() has something to complain. For 

julia> Pkg.update()
INFO: Updating METADATA...
INFO: Cloning cache of GLVisualize from https:
ERROR: GitError(Code:ENOTFOUND, Class:Repository, Could not find repository 
from 'C:\j\.julia\v0.5\.cache\GMT')
 in Base.LibGit2.GitRepo(::String) at .\libgit2\repository.jl:11

it looks that I have no alternative than to wipe it completely and start a 
And, I see that it's still there the (confess, annoyingly fact) that a 
Pkg.rm() doesn't remove anything but merely moves the "removed" package to 
the .trash directory.

In such cases, is there anyway to rescue the corrupted .julia?

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